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About Us

Understanding the BELCO Business Concept:

Belco Security offers CCTV and Surveillance Systems, CCTV Camera, CCTV recorder, CCTV Construction Site Monitoring in Malaysia. We offer a wide range of security products, such as closed circuit television, burglar alarm (wired alarm, wireless alarm), standalone door/card access, time attendance door access control, fingerprint with time attendance door access control, audio visual (projector screens, TV brackets) and keyphone / PABX systems at low prices to enable as many people as possible to afford them. 

Here at BELCO, we have successfully maintained low prices for our items every year so that it will always benefit our customers. This has been made possible because we fully implement the BELCO business concept and the BELCO organization to purchase in large quantities, using the best supply chain methods to keep prices to the minimum. 


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Brands we carry in store :

 belco logo belco cctv belco security crossfire logo crossfire cctv crossfire security dahua logo dahua malaysia dahua belco dahua cctv

kocom logo belco door intercom

Magellan logo alarm Paradox Belco paradox logo belco alarm belco burglar alarm

lapp kabel cable supplier belco

nec keyphone nec pabx belco

north bayou bracket belco

  • BELCO (Analogue Series- CCTV Camera & DVR)
  • BELCO (IP Megapixel Camera & Network Video Recorder (NVR))
  • CROSSFIRE (Analogue Series- CCTV Camera & DVR)
  • OEM_DAHUA (IP Megapixel Camera & Network Video Recorder (NVR)) & (HDCVI Analogue Series- Camera & DVR)
  • ZK (Biometric & Fingerprint and Network Time Attendance Door Access Control)
  • PARADOX (Wired Burglar Alarm)
  • MAGELLAN (Wireless Burglar Alarm)
  • NEC (Keyphone & PABX)
  • PANASONIC (Keyphone & PABX)
  • KOCOM (Intercom)
  • BELDEN (Cable)
  • SCHNEIDER (Cable)
  • LAPP Kabel (Cable)

The BELCO Business Concept Flow Chart:

  • Setup a proper Showroom and Service Centre to display our items.

  • Direct import from manufacturers in bulk to enjoy bulk discount.  

  • Carefully plan and manage our logistics so that our goods arrive in time and at lowest rates possible.

  • Sell our goods at fixed wholesale price to the public. Here, no one will get cheated by paying more than the actual value.
  • Once we get the increasing support from our customers, we then achieve higher volume leading to lower prices from our suppliers. 

  • As our cost reduces, we also reduce our selling price, which ultimately benefits our customers.