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HDCVI - Clear and Crisp Images (CCTV Solutions) 

  • What does the market want?

As the industry moves from standard definition to high definition, how can we ensure the whole surveillance system not only satisfies the resolution requirement, but also the total cost?


  • How HDCVI can be beneficial to you?

HDCVI, Dahua’s in-house technology, is an over-coaxial-cable analog HD video transmission standard, allowing long-distance HD transmission at a lower cost to meet the requirements for a complex and large installation.


  • Technical Features

HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) is an over-coaxial-cable analog HD video transmission standard which developed in-house. The technology renders two HD video formats—1080P (1920×1080) & 720P (1280×720) by progressive scanning.




Is this HD-CVI Dome Camera for you? | Quick Review

Anything labeled HD these days peaks the interest of consumers. It’s the marketing go to word for marketing specialist world wide. This same moniker applies to surveillance cameras as more and more consumers look to upgrade their antiquated analog systems. New HD digital products are hitting the market daily and getting less and less expensive. Today, I am looking at small mini dome that promises clear HD video at 720p resolution. This small HD-CVI dome camera offers 100′ feet of infrared distance with a fixed 3.6mm lens. Using HD-CVI as its transmission technology means you can connect this camera to a coax cable up to 1500 feet in length. This allows customers with existing analog cameras to take advantage of their existing coax cable even if they have far wire runs.


How Does it Stack Up? Basically for under $85.00 dollars, it rocks. Similar analog cameras sell in the same price range so pricing should no longer be an issue when purchasing surveillance but getting HD video in this price range is great. The picture quality between analog and HD is very recognisable and I do not see many applications where analog should be chosen over an HD alternative.


Cool Appeal – I love the fact that I can enter the camera menu from the DVR and make adjustments. This alone is worth buying the technology. It really is a simple way to get in and get out when changes are needed. There is no need to run an extra wire to enter the menu. The same coax cable allows for video, audio and RS485 to be transmitted. This allows for easy adjustments after the installation instead of having to get on a ladder and manually making changes at the camera.


Digital Zoom – Since the camera is HD megapixel it allows for digital zooming that does not pixelate greatly. This is a nice feature to have when doing playback and you need a close up. It works during live and playback via the DVR or Smartphone. Nice.


Cat5 (Network Wire) with Baluns? – This actually worked better than I thought. Using a nice roll of 1000ft Cat5e I placed a couple of baluns ( in short, converts the network wire to BNC connector to match camera, for newbies. ) and the image was crystal clear. I was even able to enter the OSD camera menu without a hitch. This will come in handy for those customers that may have existing cat5 wire already ran and do not want to use an IP camera system.


Source : 01 May 2014 





ASMAG - Global Security Web (Hot Topics) 

Dahua HDCVI: More international and more adoptable


Dahua Technology confirms that it has opened its patented HDCVI technology to the global video surveillance industry through the HDcctv Alliance Member Intellectual Property Agreement. Since 2013, Dahua HDCVI has been highly expected as the one of the most potential HD solutions for analogy users.


The announcement is regarded as a significant step for Dahua to turn this patented technology into international standard of the industry. According to Tim Shen, Marketing Director at Dahua Technology, it is the first time for Dahua to address the market with the key message that Dahua patented HDCVI technology is, not merely official HDcctv AT2.0 compliant, also an international standard — ready, and open for the industry. As Dahua 720p and 1080p HDCVI solutions are the only available solutions by now, the idea is to increase its volume in popularizing the applications.


Secondly, by opening this patent to semiconductor manufacturers and equipment makers, it is expected to increase the interoperability among different brands of cameras and DVRs with the join of chip makers. “The partnership with HDcctv Alliance is long-term and still progressing,” Tim added. Dahua and HDcctv Alliance continue developing and upgrading the AT2.0 to AT3.0 for more mature and wider application.


Source : 13 August 2014


Dahua HDCVI achieved surveillance upgrading of Shanghai 5-star hotels


Dahua Technology, the China-based manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products provided in-house HDCVI solution to 5-star hotels in Shanghai, successfully securing the hotels and guests during the fourth Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures (CICA).


CICA Shanghai was held between 20th to 21st of May; the conference played a significant role in security industry cooperation throughout Asia. Xi Jinping, President of People's Republic of China also attended and presided over the summit. These hotels had played host to 46 national and organization leaders in Asia during the CICA.


Seeing the importance of CICA, Shanghai municipal government spared no efforts to make sure all participants secured. Among the must-do list was to level up video surveillance system. More than 50 reception hotels had been required to upgrade surveillance system, shifting from standard to high-definition video quality . However, the biggest challenge came from the pressure with the time frame, and a big question to all was --how to make sure the image quality and product replacement would not compromise the daily reception and security concern of these five-star hotels.


Under such circumstance, and given the fact that most of the hotels were using analog systems, it came to a vital decision to adopt Dahua HDCVI, as Dahua HDCVI allows easy upgrade without changing the existing cabling but still provides long-distance and non-latent image quality. Most of all, the whole upgrading work took merely around 10 days; only cameras, DVRs along with fiber optical transceivers were replaced by HDCVI ones while cabling were unchanged.


Besides, with aesthetic requirement for the hotels, HDCVI offers wide range of housings and its speed domes and box cameras perfectly coexist with the decor in major areas such as lobby, reception, entrance and dining rooms.


“This project demonstrates all the benefits of HDCVI and has proved applicable and workable,” said Tim Shen, Overseas Marketing Director at Dahua Technology. “Within only 10 days, the whole video surveillance system has been upgraded to high definition which is not likely happened to IP solution. What HDCVI has been offered to the industry is another HD solution and this is highly gratified by our customers while cabling, cost and IP hassles are the concerned issues.”


Source : 16 July 2014